Did you have any association with AKS? If yes, you are most welcome to share your story/photo/anecdote with us. We will publish them on this portal with your name and photograph after suitable editing, if needed.  The article can be in English or Hindi.

Alternatively, you can also send articles related to social and literary issues for publishing on this portal. Articles pertaining to Gandhi and Gandhism, Socialist and Sarvodaya ideology, and to English and Hindi Literature will be of special interest to us.

These articles may also be included in the Commemorative Volume on AKS which is under planning.

This, however, needs to be underlined that Prof. Sinha had deep distaste for any kind of ‘vyakati pooja’ or ‘Hero-worship’ and that is why perhaps he could maintain his intellectual integrity. Hence, while this website will most certainly try to bring to light the life and ideals of Prof. Sinha, an intellectual detachment will be maintained so that alongwith the personality of Prof. Sinha, the literary and social issues and discourse that engaged him and that he remained engaged with, also remain focused.


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The PROF. ARUN KUMAR SINHA CENTRE FOR LITERARY AND SOCIAL UNDERSTANDING is an initiative of the students, associates and family-members of Prof. Sinha to explore the mulch-dimensional aspects of his personality and work, and will also provide a platform to discuss the literary and social issues that were so very dear to Prof. Sinha.

 Moderator: Kumar Vikram

© Kamla Sinha

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