AKS Diaries-Notes and Quotes

This Page Started on 21st October 2013

AKS was not a diary writer in the sense of the word. Rarely did he write personal entries in his diaries. However, in his diaries, many of which do not survive, one can read notes, quotations, excerpts and fragments from various literary texts, books, including the most revolutionary ones, and the most religious ones, science, medicine, various other knowledge systems, –including words and their meanings taken from various dictionaries like a student–which are not only a source of information and knowledge for any reader but throw interesting insight into his varied interests and his insatiable urge for knowledge and continuous endeavour for self-learning.

Hence on this page, we will reproduce briefer notes and quotes recorded in his diaries, while the longer passages/excerpts/fragments are being reproduced on a separate page AKS DIARIES-Excerpts and Fragments.  Since the diary entries will be uploaded as and when they are discovered and seem relevant for the readers here, hence they can not be presented in a chronological manner; however, on this page the chronology of uploading of the entries will be indicated. A few relevant images, not part of the diaries, have been added to make this reader-friendly.

Sometimes, wherever necessary, notes/quotes have been headlined with relevant words from the passages that follow to sort of engage the reader. Kindly note that all AKS diary entries have been reproduced as they are and appear here in ‘italics normal’ font style to distinguish them from other accompanying references and notes. The notings of this MODERATOR appear in ‘bold italics’–in the style these words which you are reading appear.

The following quotes reproduced on 21st October 2013

This quote is undated in the diary, though it is written on Diary page Saturday 22nd January 2005


J. Krishnamurti

“You need a mind that is able to stand completely alone, not burdened by the propaganda or the experiences of others. Enlightenment does not come through a leader or a teacher; it comes through the understanding of what is in yourself, not going away from yourself. The mind has to understand actually what is going on in its own psychological field; it must be aware of what is going on without any distortion, without any choice, with any resentment, bitterness, explanation or justification. It must just be aware.”

          ‘Beyond Violence ‘, J. Krishnamurti,

Krishnamurti Foundation India

The following quotes reproduced on 22nd October 2013

Both the following poems, one by Shelly and another of  W.S. Landor have been recorded by AKS on the same day ‘On 13.06.2005’. Landor’s words are from his famous poem ‘Dying Speech of An Old Philosopher’, though not mentioned in the diary.-AKSCENTRE

On 13.06.2005

The Poet’s Dream

On a Poet’s lips I slept

Dreaming like a love – adept

In the sound his breathing kept;

Nor seeks nor finds he mortal blisses,

But feeds on the aerial kisses

of shapes that haunt thoughts’ wildernesses.

He will watch from dawn to gloom

The sun-reflected sun illume

The yellow bees in the ivy-bloom,

Nor heed nor see what things they be –

But from these create he can

Forms more real than living man,

Nurslings of Immortality!

–          P.B. Shelley

 On 13.06.2005

 I strove with none , for none was worth my strife.

Nature I loved, and next to Nature, Art:

I warm’d both hands before the fire of life;

It sinks, and I am ready to depart.

–          W.S. Landor



The following quotes reproduced on 25th October 2013

17.10.2005, Dwarika

 And when with grief you see your brother stray,

Or in a night of error lose his way,

Direct his wandering and restore this day,

To guide his steps afford your Kindest aid,

And gently pity whom you can’t persuade,

Leave to evening Heaven his stallion with,

For, O, remember, he is your brother still.

–          Jonathan Swift

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