Special Posts on the Second Death Anniversary of AKS Falling Today, 28th November 2013


AKS wrote very few poems, and never sort of bothered to get them published. We are reproducing today as separate posts three love poems that we have been able to locate. While two poems are written back-to-back on  a piece of paper and are simply titled as ‘Poem (1)’ and ‘Poem (2)’. The third poem is just untitled. The dates of composition have been mentioned, which are being reproduced here below the each poem. It is, however, possible that one or two of these love poems, had got published in a journal ‘KAVITA INDIA’, which used to brought out by the late Prof. A C Sahay of Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, one of the senior colleagues of AKS at Langat Singh College, Muzaffarpur–AKSCENTRE


I want to love you like an animal,

But when I sit with you, talk to you

You make me feel like an angel,

And I become useless.


I know you want to remain pure,

My coming to you, unto you, will be

Perhaps, an act of infamy,

Then I feel kicking,

Your, mine, the whole world’s angelic face;

Then all resurrections appear pointless.


Thought itself is soul-satisfying—

Thoughts of stars born and unborn,

Thoughts of times passing and yet to be,

of songs waiting to be mouthed.

Of you, and me cautious and you careless.

(Composed on 22-23 August, ’94)


–Arun Kumar Sinha