As mentioned previously, a new page, ‘AKS Diaries-Notes and Quotes’, has now been started, which will reproduce briefer quotes and notes recorded by AKS in his diaries. From the page, we are reproducing this quotation from the philosopher J. Krishnamurthi. This quote is undated in the diary, though it is written on Diary page Saturday 22nd January 2005.


Jiddu Krishnamurthi
(1895/1896 – 1986)


“You need a mind that is able to stand completely alone, not burdened by the propaganda or the experiences of others. Enlightenment does not come through a leader or a teacher; it comes through the understanding of what is in yourself, not going away from yourself. The mind has to understand actually what is going on in its own psychological field; it must be aware of what is going on without any distortion, without any choice, with any resentment, bitterness, explanation or justification. It must just be aware.”

          ‘Beyond Violence ‘, J. Krishnamurti, Krishnamurti Foundation